Map-fanzine of our space and our route

From taking a dip in our history, our memory and our common space, we will work on what we are, what we represent, like sounds, a memory, an image, people or feelings.

From knowing ourselves and knowing others, different forms of expression can be developed in a creative, artistic and even abstract way.

So we will work from the collage with images, drawings, photographs, photocopies the construction of a fanzine, where we will develop teamwork, creativity, personal and collective expression.

The result can be used in the future as a visual and reflective part of building the E-portfolio.

About the Facilitator: 


Estrella Luna

Mexican artist, researcher and creator of projects and workshops of educational innovation, art, culture, and social community integration.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts and a Diploma in Educational Innovation (UNAM) in Mexico, she holds a Master’s Degree in Artistic Production (UPV) in Valencia Spain. Currently develop a doctoral research in education at the Institute of Education of the University of Lisbon in Portugal.

I am part of the artistic collective Trafico Libre de Conocimientos, group that create and promote collaborative forms of production, distribution and consumption of information and knowledge with art from Mexico and in the Grupo de Intervenção Social, group that activates proposals of social, educational and architectonic intervention in the Social Neighborhoods of Lisbon.