Catarina Martins


When a Kid, I wanted to be a shepherd + journalist. Life made me psychologist and researcher, but a pencil and paper are a must-have in my pocket and unstoppable sheep is my scout totem.I like sharing experiences. Each individual is an opportunity of mutual development. I like that, when leaving me, people feel better and richer than when they arrived.  I look forward to participating in Circle bringing my experience concerning inclusive settings. Relation and Re-Creation are some fuel of my life. I am willing to recharge them and to make some some difference in someone else.

More about me? …I like chatting on the grass. I like learning things from others, I like to teach the few things I know, I like hearing stories. I like children’s illustrations. I like to wake up under the trees, I like the Eartth.

I dream about someday I’ll live in a place I can move to my work on bike. I like rainy and gray days, I like walking barefoot, I like reading words, I like to hear someone singing well,I like travelling. I like hosting people I’ve never met before. I like discovering bits of places that do not come in the guides. I like playing musical instruments. I like drawing, but I am too bad on this. I like hugs. And simple and different people.