ARCI Catania Team

The international training course circel of competences has six members from Italy. A short description of each participant is provided next:

Federica Puglisi. She is a social worker and graduated this year in Adult Education, Lifelong Learning and Pedagogical Sciences. She is also a volunteer at Circolo Arci Babilonia and she likes to improve her competences in working with adults. 

Tiziana Cicero. She has worked mostly with teachers and with women victims of domestic violence. She is interested in strengthening people’s self-esteemer, and in non-violent communication. Further, she loves nature and medicinal plants.

Venera Pavone. She is a member of Legambiente Acireale, an Italian environmental organization. She is interested in people’s involvement and improvement, specially in the environmental field.

Bianca Scicolone. She is an expert in training, currently works in a istitution that deals with professional training for children and adults, as a designer, teacher and tutor. The reference user often belongs to disadvantaged groups (prisoners, immigrants, non-schooled, disabled).

Carmela Contino. She is an educator and has worked for five years in a community of minors, she has had many experiences as a trainee and volunteer in some welcoming and therapeutic communities. She attended the course of “scenodrama” a therapeutic technique for children, adults and families. She is attending the psychodrama course and she has been following a theater workshop for two years. She really wants to learn!

Federica Vitale. She is a linguistic – cultural mediator, she teaches Italian language to foreigners. She is interested in knowning more about popular education.

Silvia de Luca.