APECV is a Portuguese  Association of professionals working in the field of  visual art education

APECV Project TEAM : 

Angela Saldanha; Célia Ferreira; Teresa Torres de Eça; Isabel Trindade

APECV Facilitators: 
(Group who will receive training in October 2018, Catania)

carolinaCarolina Mata

I am a Portuguese educational psychologist. I’ve been working in the inclusion of people with disabilities in the community (through different self-empowerment and art). I’m deeply interested in self-directed learning and I’ve been working with children in school and non formal learning   environments that promote it.

circle_cat (1)Catarina Martins

When a Kid, I wanted to be a shepherd + journalist. Life made me psychologist and researcher, but a pencil and paper are a must-have in my pocket and unstoppable sheep is my scout totem.
I like sharing experiences. Each individual is an opportunity of mutual development. I like that, when leaving me, people feel better and richer than when they arrived.  I look forward to participating in Circle bringing my experience concerning inclusive settings. Relation and Re-Creation are some fuel of my life. I am willing to recharge them and to make some some difference in someone else.

More about me? …

I like chatting on the grass. I like learning things from others, I like to teach the few things I know, I like hearing stories. I like children’s illustrations. I like to wake up under the trees, I like the Eartth.

I dream about someday I’ll live in a place I can move to my work on bike. I like rainy and gray days, I like walking barefoot, I like reading words, I like to hear someone singing well,

I like travelling. I like hosting people I’ve never met before. I like discovering bits of places that do not come in the guides. I like playing musical instruments. I like drawing, but I am too bad on this. I like hugs. And simple and different people.


Carlos Sousa

Carlos born in Beira Alta in 1982. Degree in Plastic Arts is ESAD Caldas da Rainha. Lover of nature and agriculture, creates pieces with organic elements. Focused on the beauty of spontaneous errors. Proactive, dynamic and observer, creator of ideas and resources facilitator. Co-founder of Centropontoarte. 


julianaJuliana Ferreira

Juliana born in Douro in 1985. Studied Plastic Arts in Caldas da Rainha. Master in Artistic Production from Falcultad de Bellas Artes de San Carlos in Valencia, Spain. Silkscreen lover. Dynamic, group moderator and aglutinator, guide and simplify project creator. Cofounder of Centropontoarte. 

Foto_MarianaMariana Gonçalves

With a degree in Criminology and a master in International Relations, i have work experience in the legal area in the field of prevention and harm reduction of drug use in youth. I also have experience in the employment area, working with public employment measures in Portugal and in a center of professional learning.  I’ve done various volunteering work in challenging communities. I also have worked in intervention with adolescents and young adults in impoverish communities in social neighborhoods in Oporto. My skills for this project are the ability to share active job search techniques as well as make personal plans of appropriate training to vulnerable groups according to their needs. I also have personal skills in creative writing and theater.

Concerning to the general objective of conducting sessions with adult learners, taking lifelong learning as a guideline, I added the skills that can be an asset to this project as a trainer of it, namely in the context of employment policies in force as well as the transmission of knowledge of job search techniques and cultural / social forum activities with students with regard to personal presentations in the field of employment.

sergioSergio Vilela

At the age of 12 i began my music education through the learning of guitar, where i began my first chords and took guitar lessons with Sandro Norton, who was very important in my learning in guitar and music in gerneral. During my academic education i was in the Conservatory of Music Óscar da Silva where i learn classical guitar and in ACE – Academia Contemporânea do Espetáculo where i learn the first steps of theater in the area of sound and light design, making, during the course, solo projects in these areas. My first experience with people with special needs was in ALADI at Lavra, Matosinhos, where I spent my summer vacation collecting recycled objects and building musical instruments, in which we made a brief presentation with the users of the institution. I began my career in higher education in the area of Light and Sound Design for shows, and integrated several theater, music and performance projects as a light and sound technician all over Europe. For this Project i can make activities in the field of sound and light taking advantage of the place where i make the teaching activity, culminating in a presentation for the community and family of the adult learners.

I believe that I can be an asset in the scope of activities of the artistic field that can be the basis of workshops with adult learners, concretely in the area of community theater, light and sound. In light and sound design, and with my previous experience with adults with challenging life paths as well as few opportunities for lifelong learning, I also believe that my music skills can benefit this project, on several occasions, as a different method of teaching.

APECV collaborators ( Organizations) : GAPRIC/AvisPt21 ( Eulália Albuquerque and Helena Mata)  ASSOL -Oliveira de Frades ( Pancho Matias) ; ASSOL -Viseu ( Rita Carvalho)