About Circle

CIRCLE OF COMPETENCES FOR COMMUNITY WORK WITH ADULTS Erasmus+ Key Action 2 Adult education “Strategic Partnerships supporting exchange of good practice

Circle of Competences for Community Work with adults project is focused on development of basic skills and key competences in adult learners , through a system of actions which start from assessing learning needs of partner organisations staff and learners, then improving Educators competences and trough them reach adult learners with fewer opportunities in the 4 countries of the partnership (Italy, France, Slovenia, Portugal).
20 Educators active in Adult Education with different professional profiles attended an international training course collecting and sharing good practices and tools to facilitate and recognise their learners achievements (E- portfolio) and to engage learners with fewer opportunities (Popular Education techniques). They will test and experience themselves those tools as well as share with colleagues from different countries.
As a second step, the same Educators will test and apply the gained methods in their own countries with a group of local learners with different difficulties in education and inclusion in society and job market ( adults with migrant background, asylum seekers, unemployed adults with unstable/poor educational paths ) trough workshops run at local level whose content and methods will be defined in details during the project. The workshops will aim to engage adult learners at local level, motivate them to participate to further learning experiences and to make easier the recognition of their experience acquired trough non formal and informal learning. To reach these aims we’ll use E-portfolio and Popular Education techniques and methods.
The partnership will then work on the fine-tuning of the tools used and tested during the project in order to make them accessible to a larger audience of educators and adult learners.